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Logo solutionsbio, the website presenting the 8 essentials : what to do to improve health and vitality, before problems arise

Best health & vitality solutions.
Switzerland's expert selection : Air, Water, Nutrition,...
Free practical information & advice since 2002

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Panorama Oasis Centre in Geneva created in 2002 : the first integrated all-in-one center for optimizing health and vitality.
Oasis Center established in 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland
The 8 Centre in Geneva created in 2017 around the concept of essentials8 : on the spot demonstrations of quality water,...
"The 8" established in 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland

The 8 Essentials

Logo The8 in the form of a drop of water: everything to improve one’s health and vitality by addressing the essentials 8
Inauguration of our essentials 8 center in Geneva : a unique in the world center to naturally boost health and vitality.

Air : air purification and cellular oxygenation.
Breathe better.  Gain vitality. Feed your cells.

Water : biocompatible, clean, natural water.
Drink more. Enjoy. Optimize your immune system.

Waves : protection against electromagnetic waves.
Limit cellular stress. Protect children. Preserve yourself.

Sleep : a natural quality of sleep.
Falling asleep gently. Wake up refreshed. Regenerate.

Nutrition : high vitality & low-temperature cooking.
Preserve nutrients. Improve food taste. Vitalize yourself.


Natural Care : the power of aromatherapy & essential oils
Treat yourself naturally. Boost your energy. Respect yourself.

Mental : mental relaxation & stress management.
Take time for yourself. Gain serenity. Soothe yourself.

Meaning of life : simply... BE!
Walk with joy & confidence. Feel useful. Love yourself.

Health & Vitality Naturally !


Meet Benoît Saint Girons

Essentials8 Founder & Water Expert


After 7 years in Asia, I settled down in Geneva Switzerland  in 2002 to start a beautiful family and developp - step by step - the Essentials8 Concept. Instead of treating your symptoms with chemicals, would it not be great if you could prevent becoming sick or tired? The quality of water is essential in that matter. As a leading practical expert, i help answer the following fundamental question : how to improve tap water and to discover the real pleasure of drinking, naturally.

The impact of practicing the concept of Essentials8 is evident in not just what I preach but also in what I practice.  By following these principals as a part of my family lifestyle, we have been able to remain healthy and vital without the need for medical doctors or allopathic medicine since 1998.

I am also the author of the following published books :

  • The quality of water (Ed. Medicis, 2020)

  • Well-being impostures (Ed. Dervy, 2018)

  • The essence of Tao (Ed. Entrelacs, 2016)

  • Essential oils' choice (Ed. Jouvence, 2014)

  • The choice of serenity (Ed. Jouvence, 2010)

  • The obsession of performance (Ed. Jouvence, 2009)

  • The beggar and the billionnaire  (Ed. Jouvence, 2007)

  • The Alchemy of success (Ed. Dangles, 1997)

Détails (in French) on

Since 2020, I've been writing mainly for the Blog and some magazines.

Book The imposture of well-being : why such superficial advices and products are simply not working and what to do instead.
Book The meaning of Tao : a reference book to finally understand Lao Tseu’s Tao Te King and taoism deep modern philosophy.
Book The quality of water : the most practical book to find the right solution to improve your tap water and your hydration.
Book The choice of Essentials Oils : the most practical book to treat yourself naturally with aromatherapy most powerful EO.
Benoît Saint Girons, founder of essentials 8 concept, writer and practical quality water expert. Free advice since 2002.
“ True ecology is not about saving energy of the system but about the preservation and optimization of one's personal energy. Am I, in my environment, in health and vitality?”

Contact me for a free assessment of YOUR needs
+41 (0)76 532 8838  Direct or WhatsApp


The largest selection of water filtration & dynamization's quality solutions!
Expert analysis, as close as possible to
your requirements.
The pleasure of drinking natural water !


1st surprise:


Discover deep relaxation in 432 Hz

Discover deep relaxation in 432 Hz with Psio Trans : the most powerful vibrational harmonization on a table or chair.

Music lovers will be surprised...
Souls will be touched...
The body finally appeased...

What if music could be experienced from the inside?
What if relaxation was above all a question of vibrations?


Simple steps to air quality & cellular oxygenation.
State-of-the-art technologies from France or Germany.
Breathe deep inside and regain vitality !


2nd surprise:


Discover the easiest way to clear your mind
and gently reprogram your subconscious.

Relax’Air concept : deep cells oxygenation, Psio mental relaxation and water dynamization in synergy during a 30mn session.


A multi-sensory experience and unique relaxation!
The ultimate relaxation at work or at home.

Psio Glasses Technology : the easiest way to find sleep, achieve deep relaxation or naturally reprogram your subconscious.
Experience Essentials 8 in Geneva by visiting us : demonstration of quality water, cells oxygenation, deep relaxation,...

Essentials8 in Geneva
From virtuality to reality!

Come and discover cells oxygenation, Psio mental relaxation and all our other health and vitality products. Experiencing it firsthand is better than reading about it or watching a video. By appointment only. About 2 hours. CHF 180.- refunded if product purchase following trial and recommendations.




Benoît Saint Girons

Essentials8 Founder & Water Expert
Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0)76 532 8838 Direct or WhatsApp

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